2020, The year marked by Pandemic. Yes, COVID as you all know, and 2021, starting with positive vibes of vaccine, people getting to sub-normal life. At Co-Living, we see a group of people sharing the spaces together, its like a community of people staying and sharing space together. It’s essential to ensure everyone’s safety, while staying at Co-Living.

How to stay safe while staying at Co-Living, and sharing rooms with others?

In 2020, The Coronavirus pandemic started with a silent not, transformed into a storm causing disruptions globally. The outcomes has been unimaginable and unpredictable. It impacted the healthiest of the society, and the leanest as well, shook the healthy, regular life. Finances, Education, GDP, Health, Emotions, Celebration, there is no area of day to day life which was not impacted by the pandemic. Many people lost their lives- and homes too.

The Perspective of Co-Living in COVID times

If we see Co-Living, the Community is the perfect Petri dishes for breeding of the virus. Its as vulnerable as effecting one person in the community, and spreading to the entire co-living herd. On the other side, it can also be seen as isolating a herd of community to one place, and preventing the spread beyond the community.

Social Distancing

Co-living spaces are built by communities that stick and gel together in one closed area, called Hostels or Paying Guests (PGs). With the spread of COVID, the imposition of social distancing norms, it impacted the co-living culture in a slightly negative direction. The Residents are not allowed making movements outside, residents cannot socialize in physical groups to enjoy and celebrate moments. The students who inhabit the shared spaces, and enjoy the freedom of staying at the shared spaces aren’t allowed to be anyplace, but at home.

The Positive – HooLiv response to the pandemic

HooLiv as we say Shared Spaces Simplified, has enabled its residents with simplified lifestyle during pandemic, by creating soft standards into safety and hygiene leading to a safe and secure place to be at during the global crisis.

When you are in a shared co-living like HooLiv, you have access to common amenities like halls, laundry, porches, kitchens, gyms that others are allowed to use as well.

Let’s go over some best practices being followed at HooLiv residences, that will keep you, and others safe.

Both Charity and Care starts at home!! Adapting some key habits will save you from getting infected. These are some of the good habits, and protocols, which you follow, be a role model and help others to follow as well.

  1. Personal Hygiene The first hygiene checkpoint is you yourself.
    1. Stay strong, recall good and happy memories to reduce your stress during the stressful pandemic situation.
    2. Share positive moments with others.
    3. Sharing things is not caring during COVID. Avoid sharing your headphones, games, laptops, and other personal electronics with others.
    4. Regularly wash your hands with soaps and sanitizers
    5. Cover your mouth with a tissue when you sneeze. Dispose of the used tissue in a closed mouth dustbin.
    6. If you feel sick, isolate yourself. look out for an advise from the Doctor.
  2. Social distancing We know that its difficult to maintain social distancing at Co-Living communities, but for the betterment of the society, You must not engage in social groups or call one, in the first place. Your life is more important, than calling and driving physical group or social activities.
  3. The meal time Your coliving might not offer food delivered to your rooms. Its not practical to deliver food for over hundred kids staying at the co-living. It would be best if you avoided group dining at the cafes and shared tables. Decide on small slots for the meals served during the day, reach on time, enjoy the meal and relax back in your rooms.
  4. The group studies If you are a student, you must avoid group studies. Try online platforms of conferencing with other students. It can get tiring, boring but it’s for the best at the pandemic crisis.
  5. No Mask, no stepping out If you need to step out of your room, ensure that you use a mask.
  6. Avoid Lifts You must avoid using the lifts if possible. Use Pins, match sticks to avoid touching the buttons to operate the lifts. Use Stairs as much as possible. It will at least be a positive exercise during the stressed pandemic situation.
  7. Maintain Hygiene in Common Spaces In Co-Living spaces, you must be sharing many common amenities with individuals like Gym, Kitchens, Breakout zones. If you have attached bathroom and in a shared room, you will be sharing the bathroom with your room mates. Maintain Hygiene, keep doors slightly opened for ventilation and air flow. Keep the study tables, door knobs, chairs disinfected on regular basis. Have your bedsheets and linens changed regularly.