Do you know that your room is the reflection of your thoughts, your life style and your personality? Every inch and corner of your room talks about the way you admire or like to live your life.

It’s a snap of your profile to the outside world, visiting to your room, could be your colleagues at college, friends, colleagues at the Hostel. Its like another form of your social media profile, and the way you maintain your social media profile, your room deserves that too.

You can personalize the room you staying in the Co-Living in many ways.

First thing, Room mates are your family

When you’re sharing a space with roommates, you have a small boundary to contain yourself with and share your moments. Imagine, you spending time in a large room with no one to share your happy or grief moments. We humans needs a company, and your room mates are your best company while you stay in a co-living space.

Treat them as your family, in emergencies, your room mates will act as your local guardians and will be the best of the people helping you out

Define soft boundaries

When you’re sharing your room with roommates, You share a lot of common space inside the room with them. Every person comes with different taste, some one would understand and love to have you upgrading the common walls, some may find it difficult to adjust with the changes being done.

You need to define your boundaries, need to define the extent of personalization you can do in the room without it affecting the feelings and comfort of the roommates.

One of the walls can be “your wall”, One corner of the room can be “your corner”, One of the Bed and Study Zones are your territory. And you’re all free to do upgrade it up however you like to. Off-course with-in the allowance permitted by your Co-Living Policies and Guidelines.

Your own study table, bring it to life

Your study table is not just for studying or keeping books. It’s the place you will devote most time, looking into books or your laptops during the exams. It needs a life, a makeover which not only reflect you but also bring energies which are refreshing during the exams or test presentations. It can also be an extraordinary glimpse into your personality.

You can have small table picture of your loved ones, you can have a small vintage study lamp with the design you prefer, or arrange and keep the books in order to reflect how caring and organized personality you are. Many people place the 3D avatar of their favourite super hero, or small size soft toy which helps bringing the inner child out in grief moments.

The bedside wall

Your bed side wall is your territory, how you want to bring life to it. A small vintage wall clock will give a strong feeling of your personality.

You can have photo frames, photo collage of your family, your friends, loved ones, your moments of life, which you can look at and speak with when you need those synergies or when you have an excellent, happy moment to celebrate.

The people most close to you, your past cherishing moments, shape your life and reflect your personality. They definitely deserve a place in your room.

Your hobbies

When you are sharing the room with unknown, its important that you also share what your likes and dislikes are. At times it happens that your room mates also have the same likings as yours, or they will love to hear you out while you love singing, playing guitar, or draw paintings.

Don’t feel shy, express yourself. Treat your room mates as your family outside your first home. This not only helps bringing the roomies together, but also differentiates you than others. Your passion is your reflection of thoughts, and you should love to express those.

Your partner has emotions too, respect them

While you stay in co-living spaces like HooLiv, you are sharing room with fellow room mates coming from different diverse demography, culture, mind set. There are different type of people, some may love what you are doing, some may have concerns about the small changes you are bringing to the room.

It’s an opportunity to learn something from your partners, learn something other than your regular college studies. At the very moment, its also important to be sensitive to the feelings of others, the same way you are sensitive to the feelings of your first family at home.

Don’t put any photos or posters that might offend your room mates or any visitor to your room. Don’t change colours inside the room, as the rooms are meticulously designed based on experiences and to ease your stay at the co-living. Respect, and define your own soft boundaries while changing the room or sharing anything with your partners, that doesn’t offend them while they stay with you.

Just remember, your room is your reflection, its your space you would like to talk or share your moments. Live it!!!