Today, Whether you utilize a PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation) or HaaS (housing as a service), or apartment based coliving space, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the rise of the shared space.

With the slowdown of the Indian Reality Sector during past 2-3 years has given a rise to the PBSA and HaaS across major and growing cities of India. Whether its residential, or corporate offices, More and more buildings are slowly turning into real-estate hybrids. These residential houses and corporate offices are being designed for social positive, collaborating, working, eating, relaxing and enjoying experiences in a communal setting.

These hybrid spaces are rapidly becoming a big part of the new “sharing economy ecosystem,” where we share more and possess less. And there comes the technology to enable this binding.

Technology is playing an important role in driving these hybrid spaces, and creating value for residents as well as the service providers.

The idea of the Smart Home and IoT (Internet of Things) has become widely accepted, we speak and Alexa plays the music, we speak to TV remotes to play our favorite series. Intelligence has come over Thermostats, Fans, Tube lights, you enter the room and the units are ON. A lot of preference is being put in using analytics, insights and artificial intelligence to drive technology at home, and save energy to the possible ways.

Besides the technology disruption enabling the living spaces, technology is also disrupting the way these spaces are managed. Continuous Optimization and acceleration is the key. With the changes in economy due to COVID Pandemic, the fundamental targets are being stressed by the organizations, leading to a scope of going digital in all forms.

From Sales and Business Development being driven by digital websites, PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Quick searches, room recommendations, and other insights. The Co-Living Operations are being optimized to reduce the time to acknowledge, operate, resolve, and the cost of execution.

Designers increasingly promoting co-living

With the latest upgrades to the technology and sophisticated tools like #Planner5D#FloorPlanner#SmartDraw#HomeByMe#AutoCad, Architects and designers are shifting away from the legacy way of designing the layouts to the new digital approach. Whether Purpose Built Student Accommodation(PSBA) or House as a Service (HaaS), or normal residential rooms converted to PGs, Technology is playing a key role in transforming the way the residents are going to stay.

A lot of emphasis has been given to optimize space and resource utilization, creating an ease for the end resident.

HooLiv, being revolutionizing the student housing, has been equipped with such technology disruptions. The HooLiv Premium properties at NoidaJaipurPune are equipped with next gen technologies like Smart Digital Locks (where resident gets notified on who got access to the room and when, can generate access codes if some known ones are visiting the room and control access), Pre-Paid Smart Meters (that uses data insights to reduce the electricity over burn and cut any unorganized and un-utilized power), Smart Air Conditioning that automates the cooling effect by the movement of individual and other temperature factors. HooLiv also has plans to introduce Solar Panels to drive HooLiv’s GO GREEN initiatives in some of these properties.

Customer experience – Giving power in the hand of residents

HooLiv, has automated all user interaction processes, with sending the welcome note from resident coming to the campus, to sharing feedback and raising any concerns, making rent payments, notifying for the visitor, property level notices, HooLiv residents are empowered to click and use the latest technologies, bettering their day to day experience.

Being Social, Collaborative and Community but not a hostel

Co-living enable professional collaboration, bring people together. At HooLiv, technology lays a strong foundation to the community. HooLiv embraces being social and being together. HooLiv is working on HooLiv Communities, a social & collaborative platform where the residents can form groups, chat along with each other, message SOS in case of emergency, post projects, events, invite fellow colleagues in and across HooLiv spaces to collaborate.

With HooLiv, the stays are not just stays but celebrated living.

Data is the Magician – Insights are the magic

HooLiv, has a lot of emphasis on creaming the data to insights. Being the benefit of one of the largest PG service provider in India, enables HooLiv with enormous data which is mixed, and nurtured for better decision making, room allocation, skills matching, and various recommendations on the site. e.g. During checkins, HooLiv systems recommends the wardens and operations team with a set of existing match, where the beds are vacant, and helps the team to allocate beds efficiently. Similarly, if an existing resident want to search for a better facility or room, the systems allow them to view recommendations, match the preferences and request for the shift internally.

Besides this, HooLiv has been using data over the website to fine tune the user’s search experience. Nearly 85%-90% of the traffic to HooLiv website are the new prospective residents, looking out for HooLiv PGs. HooLiv uses these insights extensively, to better the user’s experience over the website, and the entire room filtering to on-boarding process.

Not only limiting to this, these insights are used for efficient food planning, dynamic pricing and managing events at various HooLiv properties across.

On the closing note

At HooLiv, we believe in sharing, which makes the difference. A small or mid size space doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, if its planned and organized better. What makes a difference is, Adopting technology that helps running environmentally-friendly and optimized spaces and makes your space as comfortable as possible. Use IoT sensors and insights to turn off lights, fans, air conditioners when spaces are not being used, and collect data to learn about the air quality in your space.

Go Digital, Optimize is the next thing on the game. Let’s embrace more technology in shared spaces, simplifying shared living in a joyful manner.