The new era is Nuclear, energetic, with most of millennial generation now a days like to spend quality time for themselves. Whether at home, under the Nestal care of the Parents and Guardians, or away in a different location, Every one now a days are looking for time for themselves. In such a world which is Social, Diverse, Cosmopolitan, one of the challenge which most of the young adults faces when they move out of their first home to an entirely different world in a different city! The change, The change of location, the change of food, The change of language, The change of culture…….. “The change”.

When we move to a different society, the change we get into, and adapt not only define our lives but also help us grow as a person. We try to find out answers to your problems, We will try to accommodate the differences, adapt to the new society when we take the first step towards moving away from our hometowns. People often complain of “Home Sickness”, when we try to look out to the change as positive, we try to look out for a company, and socialize.

With that being said, we at HooLiv did our research, and came up with a list of most common challenges that the young adults faces, when one move away from their native cities.

From choice to adjustments, We look for acceptance and belonging

When we move to a new city, especially the very first time, we look for a Home away from Home. An environment to get blended in, a space of acceptance and a sense of belonging. We look out for places that fit to our interest and desires. We look out for a variety of options available at the destination city and try to negotiate with-in our self, creation a sense of variations. At times this leads to fear, confusions, anxiety, that we would like to overcome. Its Starts with ‘choice’, and merge into “adjustments”. We learn the skills to adjust, adapt and socialize, to create a new home away from home, with a sense of belonging.

New Friends, Relationships – Diversity, Trust, Culture

Moving to a new place means being a part of a new community / society. We all comes from different communities with a diverse culture. We all have different personality, different Taste, some can socialize easily while some takes time to mix up with strangers. In an un-known city, we look for people we can depend up and trust. Sometimes, this may go wrong, we may get into trust issues, and can be a victim of something wrong. We may become isolated, but this could be a situation. We have moved out of home, we have to be positive and think forward to our independence, and the move. Build new friends, new relationships and we will see that the trust issue is slowly getting sorted out.


New city demands money, money and money. We need to make sure we are prepared for the expenses, that we may need to settle, brokerage, security deposits, advance rentals, meal plans, wifi and many more. Sometimes, we feel shallow, and feel broken. It’s always better to keep a check on our day to day expenses, at least till the time we settle down and get adapted to the new society. Don’t make hasty and rushed decisions, of buying things with short term vision. PGs and Shared Co-Living Spaces like HooLiv can help you cut down your expenses and get organized at an ease. Look out for Fully furnished options, if you are looking for relaxed stays. These expenses are going to put a crack on your wallet, day by day and month by month. Think Wisely and Spend Responsibly

Step by Step Journey

When moving away from home, you will leave a hand full of comfort, convenience, and luxuries left behind. Don’t worry about it. You have come a long way to enter this new Era in your life. Feel proud of it, and learn the art of building your life style step by step. In the new cities, you can opt for fully furnished and professionally managed PGs, which may fulfill most of your needs, but you will have to build your comfort and your convenience day by day. Get adapted to it.

Now, If you are a student or bachelor and looking out for an affordable premium accommodation in NoidaMeerutDelhiJaipurPune, you have come to the right place.

HooLiv is not only a Hostel, but a community, professionally managed with a vision to help you overcome these challenges to the most possible extent. The stays comes with almost all amenities that you may be using at home, or would need to stay at the new location. From Hygienic meals, High Speed Wifi, Private affordable rooms, tables, chairs, comfortable beds with cozy mattresses, pillows and linens, games, events, gymansium, pool and many more.

Visit us, and give us a chance to solve your day to day challenges in getting into the new city, away from home.