Living with roommates in co-living, can be a bittersweet experience. While some may find room mates with matching thoughts, and emerge as the most amazing friends, others may find it tough to mingle due to difference in thinking, and preferences. Whatever your experience may be with your co-living partners, shared living with room mates teaches you a lot. Here are 5 key things one may learn while living with room mates in the shared accommodation.

1. Patience

In this fast moving word, everybody is rushing towards the goals, with no time to think deeply and act. This is one thing, almost every millennial struggle while keeping to get aligned to time. People are adopting various ways to gain patience and perseverance with the help of meditation, collaboration and many other mediums. When you stay in groups, you have to keep patience for the understanding between the group develop, rather than being reactive. When we live with roommates, you understand that you cannot react at every second thing, you cannot expect people you recently met or barely know will go by your way and as per your convenience. While you learn to be adjusting to the group, you will keep learning and evolving your Patience with-in.

2. Adjustments

Living with the family & friends, and living with people unknown to you, are two completely different experiences. When you stay in Co Living, you stay with people coming from different demography, with a different taste, different thought process, different patience level and adaptation levels. When you stay and interact with unknown people, you compromise on certain issues or at least take into consideration other aspects and ways of doing things. You develop and enrich your patience level, and hence the need of doing adjustments in your life.

3. Managing Finances

When you leave your homes, and shift to a different city for your studies, you usually will have a defined budget, which you will need to plan your monthly expenses. With rent, groceries, travel, breakouts, outings and many other expenses that may come, you gradually develop the art of managing your pockets. When you and your roommates decide to buy something or when you have to cut down on one expense to arrange funds to go for the other, you learn the art of managing your own finances. Living with roommates definitely makes you look out for ways to share expenses and save more, while still living on a budget.

4. Effective Communication

Different type of people have different capacities to open up to the surrounding world. Some people are persuasive, extrovert, confident, while others may be introvert. When you live with roommates you learn how to open up, and communicate your thoughts effectively. When you stay in groups, you have to keep patience for the understanding between the group develop, rather than being reactive and getting into arguments. To live peacefully, you have to adjusting and communicate effectively. This is called Collaboration, and this is what you will learn while living with your roommates. You learn to mingle on the discussions, You will learn to put forth your point, while respecting and listening to your room mates opinions too and hence helps you in building team spirit amongst anything you do. This is definitely one of the best and most useful things living with roommates teaches.

4. Self Discipline & Organized

In College life or Bachelor life, People are energetic, and want to move to things quickly. They prioritize on moving along to the next piece of work or goal, over settling the things in the rooms. However, when you stay in shared accommodation, you have to respect your room mates sense of being organized. Different people have different sense of self organization and discipline, some are very particular about the way they want something organized, someone who needs things to be cleaned immediately and others may still be relaxed on organizing the stuff scattered in the room, and doesn’t care about the mess in the room. When you stay in shared accommodation, you may find things differently, or may not be your way. You will also learn how to be adjusted with things not being done your way.

So, these are the 5 key things you learn while staying at a Co-Living residences. While you stay with a group of unknown people, the learnings are immense, you gain confidence, you boost positivity, you adjust, share emotions. Most of such experiences of Shared Accommodation emerge as important values in everyone’s life, and help in future under different circumstances.