8 Budget-Friendly Tips To Survive In A Metro City

Just moved to a new city with a low budget? Metropolitan cities have their share of advantages but they are not so easy on the pocket. These places are some of the most expensive areas to live in. But don’t you worry! We’ve got some tips and tricks right here for you and your pocket’s happiness.

1. Setting Up A Monthly Budget

Setting a budget is the most crucial step to ensure that you don’t end up broke by the end of a month. It’ll help you plan your expenses so that you spend efficiently, don’t buy non-essential items, and have a little saving for yourself. You can then use these savings in emergencies.

2. Look For Affordable/ Co-Living Spaces

Selecting a place to stay can turn out to be pretty rough on your money. Different cities offer many options, but the rate of rent may vary with the locality. If you’re looking for some affordable stays, then mostly these will have to be away from the rush of the city and a bit far from the center. Few cities have incredible, co-living spaces such as HooLiv, offering all of the standard amenities and professionally managed, at a cost that suits your wallet. So before settling in, check out all the options the place has to offer.

3. Be a Localite, Shop Local

Home essentials or your decorating needs do not require a mall or a supermarket. You can easily find the same items with offbeat street vendors. Even for your wardrobe, there are wholesale markets for every need. So go head out to your nearest one, and a pro-tip, don’t forget to bargain to land on your suitable price.

4. Pool Your Rides

If you’re willing to buy a new car or a bike or a scooter, ever considered going for local transports or shared transport? This will cut out most of your expenditure that you would have to make to buy a new vehicle. Every city has various modes of local transport which are easy on your pocket. Also, if you have a friend owning a vehicle, you could pool your rides and save even the tiniest cost of local transports.

5. Come-on, Cut Down On Your Subscriptions.

Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and all other subscriptions at the same time? Do you really require all of them? Well, these subscriptions take a lot of your savings every month. You could watch on the same streaming options with a multi-account membership with your friends and family.

6. Look Out For Free Entertainment Options

Everybody requires entertainment in their lives. There’s no doubt in that but do we really need to spend so much on it? Instead of going for a multiplex, a local theatre would do just the same with less expense. And as for dine-outs are concerned, local authentic food stores are really affordable and have some really nice delicacies. So the next time you want to have a break, try out local stores and theatres.

Well, moving to a new city on your own may seem scary, but at the end of the day, you’re just adding a new adventure to your life. You can learn to move over all types of situations and get to know yourself even better when you’re not dependent on anyone. So if you’ve got some budget issues, worry not, cuz there’s always a solution for everything. Now go out there and make the best of what you have!

7. Why an expensive health club

Health clubs and gyms are usually pretty expensive in big metropolitan cities. Look out for alternatives, plan your day with time to walk, meditate, jogging. you can go for a walk or cycling in early mornings, or a yoga session that relax your mind and soul. Prominent HooLiv properties provided fitness zones to its residents at no additional cost, you can make use of that. There are many home fitness videos available at Youtube. Come-on, Fitness is not only at Gyms!!

8. A Part-Time Job

A little extra time to earn extra money? Not a bad idea, after all. Thanks to the gods of the Internet, there are a lot of job opportunities online to earn, while sitting at home. You can earn 4-5k a month even if you spend only an hour off your daily schedule. This way, you can have some extra bucks to spend on your self care!