10 Memes Every Messy Person Can Relate To

You’d be lying if you didn’t wonder, ‘Wow, me

1. That Seems Dishy

Doesn’t it? Why would mom do something she asked ME to do? Unless…

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2. Diwali Problems

Something going wrong during DIWALI is the last thing anyone would want to hear. But if it does somehow, WE GO UNDERGROUND YEAH!!!! *receives a flying chappal an hour later*

We Made These Memes On Diwali Ki Safai Because Cleaning Toh Na Ho Payega
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3. The I-am-so-late-for-the-meeting-excuse

Oh, I’m sorry! Are you telling me you haven’t done this? Ever? You’re probably lying coz we’ve all got messy desks and some random meeting at the most random time we have to rush to. So shhh…

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4. Alarm’s Ringing!

Actually, That’s 6 alarms later 🤷🏻‍♀️!

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5. Coding and Messy People!

Phew! Coding is not an easy task and people who look at it and call it messy, just check your surroundings while doing it for once.

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6. That Peaceful Sleep After Cleaning

Couldn’t be more relatable! Those soft pillows, comfy bed without any notebooks and remotes… AH! I wanna sleep now!

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7. Virtual Cleaning is So Therapeutic

Cleaning virtual houses is way more fun than cleaning your own house!

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8. The Messy Pandemic

No one:

Literally no one:

2020: BOOOOM!

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9. Professors Can Also Be Messy

Yes professor! We want justice! We are tired of hearing to clean our houses and have a clean wall as a background meanwhile you just put up an animated background.

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10. Urgent Cleanup Calls!

Hurry Up! Mom’s coming to visit! She shouldn’t know about the mess I’ve created in my room.

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